Put the “Grand” in “Grand Opening” with Dallas Valet Company Elite Valet

The impact of your grand opening makes or breaks your first year of business. Do an average job, and people don’t remember who you are.

Make a powerful impression, and they’ll be excited to get to know more about you. When you host a memorable event, you can build business relationships that keep your organization stable and healthy during the early years.

That’s why organizations of all kinds trust Elite with their events when they really need to impress their clients and customers:

  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Dallas Child and Family Guidance Center
  • Denton Country Club
  • The Milestone
Elite Valet is not the biggest Dallas valet company, but it does focus on providing the best service in the area. The valet industry typically has high turnover, which means you often get inexperienced professionals who make more mistakes.

However, Elite’s professional valets have been with the company for an average of 5 years, some more than 15, and a few since its founding in 1995. Before they even set foot in the field, they endure a background check, drug testing, and several days of classroom and on-the-job training.

You also want someone who provides a highly customized, and personal, service. Elite’s professional valets can arrive in uniforms customized to match the theme of your grand opening. They also can use your custom greeting. If you’re opening a restaurant, they’ll tell your guests about your latest specials.

And if there’s anything else you need from Elite’s professional valets, just let them know. Elite’s owners have connections with many supporting services, like limo and bus transportation companies. And when you call with a question or concern, you always talk with a decision maker.

Host an Unforgettable Grand Opening with Professional Parking Services in Dallas

Guests attending your grand opening will immediately be mesmerized with the professional service they receive from Elite’s staff members. Remember, Elite also picks your guests up from their home or hotel if requested.

If your guests drive to your event, they’ll be greeted by an impeccably dressed valet. As he uses your custom greeting, they instantly know they’re attending a classy event. With the utmost of professionalism, the valet cautiously moves their vehicle to its parking place. Your guests feel relaxed the entire time, knowing their vehicle was in good hands and that they can focus on your grand opening.

When it’s time for everyone to leave, Elite already has the entire process fully planned and coordinated. Elite’s experienced valets retrieve your guests’ vehicles in a highly ordered fashion. They show your guests to their vehicles, which remain in the same pristine condition in which they arrived.

On their way home, they talk about how much they enjoyed your event, and the wonderful presentation you made!

It’s a level of service only years of hard work and experience in the valet industry provides.

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