6 Benefits of Luxury Apartment Living

Apartments have their own share of benefits compared to owning a property, ranging from convenience and pricing to ease of maintenance and accessibility. Most people wouldn’t think of an apartment when they’re considering upscale living, though—usually, what comes to mind instead are images of thrifty young families or financially challenged college students. However, living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on comforts. Luxury apartment living has much to offer; if you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth it, consider some of the benefits you’ll find.

A Choice Location

Location is key for living spaces, and apartments are no different. The ideal location provides not just an appealing view, but also plenty to do in the area for business and pleasure. Luxury apartments in the Dallas area are constructed with this in mind; you’ll find them placed within or close to notable districts that offer easy access to shopping, dining, workplaces, and entertainment. Everything is right there where you want it. The property grounds around the complex are also well cared for by professional landscapers, in place of lawns and gardens that you’ll have to maintain or hire staff for.

Valet Parking

Public transportation can be useful for commuting in urban areas, but what about your vehicle? Take your mind off parking troubles and let a valet handle it. Much like hotels and fine restaurants, a valet parking apartment can either hire valets to work in-house or contract a third party. Valet parking is managed more effectively compared to public parking, with no worries about finding an open spot or walking a long way back—especially valuable for handicapped residents and those carrying heavy loads. The luxury of having your car waiting for you at the front is always a pleasant touch, too.

Concierge Service

If you’ve stayed in a luxury hotel, you’re familiar with the concierges that work there and assist clients. Many upscale apartment complexes staff concierges that provide similar services for residents. The most common roles are at the front desk and involve providing local area information, screening and admitting guests, and picking up packages to pass along to their recipients. Apartment concierges may also help with maintenance requests, provide personal amenities for the residents, or aid in move-ins and move-outs and can even plan community events.

Comfortable Accommodations

Most would-be residents that find themselves hesitating do so because they imagine an apartment to be sparse and minimalist in what it provides. This is far from the case when living in a luxury Dallas apartment. Expect a five-star kitchen and stylish bathrooms, smartly designed for form and function. These spaces also come with the quality appliances you need to make the most of them, with no expense spared. You won’t find yourself having to stock up on basic appliances or struggling with budget products, and your new home is already more than accommodating for you and guests alike.

Great Amenities

Apart from the locale and the apartments themselves, residents can enjoy the amenities within the complex as well. These facilities have the best to offer— including full fitness centers with memberships open to residents, yoga studios, full lounging and lap pools and spas, and even basketball and tennis courts in some. You can also find business and game lounges inside or green spaces and rooftop decks outside. Some even have a theater or media room! Amenities vary depending on the community.

Living in a Community

A hotel is a place to rest your head, but a quality apartment provides more: the locale, the living accommodations and, most significantly, the community. Living in a high rise or upscale apartment downtown means living with neighbors who enjoy living there just as much. With the various public amenities and social spaces as well, it’s as much a neighborhood as anything.

Luxury apartment living extends past the apartment itself: a refined estate, community amenities, friendly professional services and more. To learn more about the services you can expect in high-end Dallas apartments, contact Elite Valet.

How To Give Your Wedding the Extra ‘Wow’ Factor

Your wedding day is quickly approaching, and you’re doing everything you can to make it the most memorable day of your life. Your needs are a huge priority, but what about your guests? Check out these creative wedding ideas to give your friends and family a time they won’t soon forget.


Nothing wows people more than an amazing fireworks display. Incorporate special music as accompaniment. As the festivities wind down, direct everyone to a designated outdoor area where they’ll best be able to see the show. It can be the perfect way to cap off your evening.

Photo booth

Photo booths are a fantastic way to collect pictures of your guests having a great time. Provide costumes, hats, or other accessories to encourage people to have fun with it. You might also include a whiteboard that guests can write on and hold up during the photo.

Midnight Snack

After the dinner’s gone and the cake’s been tasted, your guests are going to need a pick-me-up to party late into the night. An arrival of greasy cheeseburgers or tacos will satisfy anyone’s midnight craving. You can arrange a delivery or hire a food truck.

Valet Service

Parking can be a chaotic affair when there are many cars arriving at one time, and some venues may even have confusing systems that make it difficult to know where to go. Valet parking for weddings is a fantastic idea to take that stress away from your guests. The convenience of just hopping out and heading into the venue is something your guests will be immensely grateful for.


In an effort to look their best, some guests may not be wearing the most comfortable shoes. You might consider buying a big supply of cheap flip flops, so you have a pair for every guest who may need a change in footwear. This can make dancing way more fun, and your friends and family will have more stamina to party longer.

Creative Favors

Wedding favors are a nice way to thank your guests for sharing your big day with you. Give them something special they can use, such as candles or handmade soaps. You could also give boxes of chocolates or small cakes to take home or even a mini bottle of champagne. Place the favors at each guest’s seat at the reception.

Dessert Bar

As iconic as the wedding cake is, not everyone likes cake. A dessert bar gives guests additional options and even more chances to indulge. For summer weddings, cold treats like ice cream and snow cones can help guests beat the Northern Texas heat. Another idea is a candy table with small boxes so that people can take it home.


Bar trivia is a hugely popular trend these days, and you can easily adapt it for your wedding. Each table can be a team, and you can theme the questions after you and your partner. If you don’t want the questions to be about you specifically, choose topics about places you’ve lived, your favorite movies, or bands you enjoy.

Choreographed Dance

The first dance as a newly married couple is a special tradition, but if you’ve got the skills, why not choreograph something really special? Try an upbeat swing dance or a romantic and intimate waltz. You also could involve your entire bridal party with an explosive group number.

Lavish Centerpieces

As your guests enter the dining room, you can really impress them by going all out with the centerpieces. An arrangement of beautiful flowers, candles, and a touch of bling can capture anyone’s eye. Think outside the box for your table names and create signs that reflect your wedding theme.

Give your wedding guests the most convenient way to park. For wedding valet services, reach out to us at Elite Valet, and we’ll take care of the parking at your wedding ceremony anywhere in North Texas.

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