What can Elite Valet Services do for you?

Elevate your Customers’ Experience

We add a touch of class to your guests’ first and last impression that enhances your business profile, increases ratings on reviews.

We provide your guests with the convenience of not having to drive around looking for a parking spot, walk an uncomfortable distance to and from their vehicle.

Your parking lot will be kept swept and tidy and our streamlined drop-off and pick up process will keep traffic moving smoothly.

The Bottom Line Benefit

Reduced chance of accidents with professional, experienced drivers

Released liability for damaged vehicles

Decreased federal and state payroll taxes as well as management, hiring, training, turnover, and payroll processing costs

Complete control of car flow allows for redesign of parking lot as well as stack parking to create more parking spaces, options for meter or booth controlled parking structures.

Ensure Safety and Security of Client’s Vehicles

Guests no longer have to walk through dimly lit, unsecure parking lots to find their vehicle as we will bring their vehicle right to them

Routine patrols through valet lot to ensure constant watch on vehicles

Provide intoxicated/medicated customers with alternative modes of transportation

Elite drivers are thoroughly background and drug tested, diligently trained and consistently reviewed by management staff

Who do we provide service for?

  • Apartments and Condominium’s
  • Medical Facilities
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Night Clubs
  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Shopping Centers
  • Private Events


A Dallas Valet Parking Company that Guarantees You Access to a Decision Maker

Besides the quality of the service, what’s the other problem you face when hiring a company?

You can probably name countless companies where it was impossible to talk to someone who could actually make a decision. When possible and appropriate, Elite Valet lets you talk to its owner about your questions and concerns.

You are guaranteed 24/7 access to someone who can make a decision. Office hours are from 9am-6pm Monday – Friday, and you will have contact information for a decision-maker during off-hours.

When you simply must nail that first impression with your customer, you can’t find a valet service in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex that’s any better than Elite Valet Services.

Get your free, custom quote by contacting us online or calling 972.247.7073 today.



The guys were awesome as well as the office staff! Thank you so much!

Kim Preston, Republic Title

This was the first time to use a valet service for a private event at our home. Elite Valet service was extremely professional, friendly, affordable, excellent quality service and very helpful employees. It was an easy, smooth stress free experience.

April Terry, Decathlon Construction

You guys did a great job and were extremely easy to work with during setup and during the actual event.

Danita Rambo, Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce

Elite Valet is professional, friendly and great partners to The Milestone. We are glad to have them as a preferred vendor!

Lauren Modica, The Milestone