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30 11, 2020

Elite Valet Featured in Brides of North Texas Article

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This elegant and timeless blush wedding at The Olana is a scene that will never go out of style! Full of all the prettiest gold, blush, and ivory details, this wedding by Alexa Kay Events has a truly romantic feel that we will always love. Mariah’s beautiful silk mermaid-style bridal gown from the Bridal Boutique was truly the perfect choice for a summer Texas wedding, as she looked gorgeous in every way imaginable. Besides the Bride not only provided the perfect shade of blush for bridesmaids’ dresses, but they also let Mariah pick eight different styles to match each personality of her eight bridesmaids. After enjoying a delicious dinner from The Olana at their head table – adorned with the prettiest ivory linens, gold decor, and a pop of lush greenery – it was time to party! Marquis Pro’s live saxophone artist was a MAJOR hit, as they played along with the DJ and even partied out on the dance floor with guests all night long. Butterfly Cakery executed two one-of-a-kind cakes to end the evening on a perfectly sweet note – a simple yet elegant brides cake, and a personalized groom’s cake, featuring the couple’s love for OU Football, and Blair’s love of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys. Scroll to see all of the classically elegant blush and ivory details of this wedding day! Cheers to Mariah and Blair!

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25 09, 2020

Rules to Follow When Tipping Valet in 2020

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Rules to Follow When Tipping Valet – Complete Guide 2020
Valet service sets you up for a great start to an event. It takes the frustrating search for parking out of the equation, saving time and headaches. Plus, choosing valet service at a restaurant or hotel gives the occasion a bit more extravagance. Once you decide on using a valet, you may be left wondering, how much should you tip a valet, anyway? Figuring out tip etiquette is an important part of the equation to properly thanking your driver for great service, so read on to learn about the best way to approach it.

Wondering When to Tip Valet Drivers?
Since valet service includes both parking your car and also bringing it out to you, figuring out when to tip is something plenty of infrequent valet users wonder about. When you drop your car off, a valet driver will take it and park it for you. Should you tip this driver, or wait until the end of the night to tip the one who brings your car back out?

Some recommend tipping the driver that takes your vehicle, especially if you are hoping for a convenient spot that will make leaving faster or other favorable treatment. That is also your chance to ask for any favors or special requests as you hand over the keys. Adding a good tip can help make those requests happen.

Others say that it’s more customary to tip the driver who returns your car to you at the end of the event. If you only tip once, it should be when you receive your car back from the parking lot. Whether you tip both times or only upon receiving the car is mostly a matter of personal preference. If you want to be generous, feel free to tip both of them.

What if the Service Is Free?
Some events offer free valet parking. Even though the service is free, a tip is still standard for the service. Valets are still carefully parking your car for you, and potentially even helping you load or unload items from your car, so it’s important to acknowledge their help.

Tips for valets are completely separate from the cost of the service overall, and not proportional to each other. Valets rely on tips the way waiters do, so make sure to tip to avoid looking like a cheapskate.

How Much Do You Tip Valets?
Currently, standard tipping for valets ranges from $3 to $5. A poll conducted by AAA found that at 40%, a majority of readers normally tip $3 or $4. That means if you plan on tipping both drivers, you’ll tip each one around this range. This is the baseline, but if a driver goes truly above and beyond, you might want to recognize the effort and quality of service by increasing the tip to show your gratitude. It’s nice to encourage great service when it’s received. Some people think that tipping is a universal way to let someone know you appreciate their quality service. Giving a little extra might encourage that kind of service to extend far beyond our own experience.

As for how much to tip hotel valet drivers, it really depends on the situation. If you are parking at an especially fancy hotel with a valet who opens the door for you or goes out of his or her way to accommodate you, you might want to increase the tip accordingly. If you are staying at a hotel and relying on valet services multiple times a day, it is acceptable to tip less frequently, to avoid the cost adding up too quickly.

Should You Tip Extra for Special Circumstances?
There are plenty of potential situations where you might need to ask something specific from your driver. An appropriate tip for valet service depends on what you have asked of your driver, where you are, and other factors. If you need a valet to pick something up from your car, that might warrant an extra tip. If you ask to be parked near the front, your request will probably be taken more seriously if you give a larger tip.

If the weather is extreme, such as on a snowy or rainy night, you can factor this into your tipping, since valet service lets you bypass a chilly walk from the parking area to the event entrance. You can take the same approach to a busy parking lot, giving a higher tip for the benefit of avoiding a crowd.

Similarly, if you lose your parking ticket, the process of getting your car back will be longer and probably require paperwork of some kind. You’ll want to give a higher tip to the valet who helps you finally get your car back, to account for the longer amount of time spent on you and the inconvenience. Any extra help from a valet that extends beyond parking the car merits a larger tip.

Is It Best to Tip in Cash?
At plenty of restaurants and other stores, it’s common to give a tip via credit or debit instead of in cash. Most people carry less cash than they used to keep on them. That’s why if you know you plan to use valet service, it’s best to keep some small bills around in preparation.

You may be able to add a tip to your charge when you pay for the service itself, but it’s much more convenient to use cash upon pickup or dropoff of your car. That way, your specific driver gets the tip directly from you. Cash is more convenient and easier to deal with, both for you and the valet.

Is It Standard to Clean Out Your Car First?
Another question people often have about using a valet service is whether they should clean up before allowing a valet into the car. It will definitely be helpful to your valet if you keep the driver’s seat clean and free from trash and other items for ease of driving. Other than that, it depends on how comfortable you feel letting your valet see a pile of receipts or a messy backseat.

It is best practice to stow away valuables, either by placing them in a glove compartment or taking them with you. This is better both for you and your valet. It ensures you know where your items are, and it prevents the valet from worrying about being responsible for them. If something does turn up missing, it’s important to let the head valet know immediately, for insurance purposes. Valet services usually have insurance to protect them in the case of damage or lost items. The faster you let them know, the better your chances of getting results.

Is It Okay to Call Ahead?
If you have any specific questions about a particular location’s valet services, you can call ahead to find out the details. This will let you know if you can tip via credit card, what the parking area is like and any other information.

You can also call as you are on your way to the valet station to let them know you are coming. That way, you can reduce your waiting time and get your car more quickly once you arrive. This is especially helpful when you are expecting a big crowd of people all leaving at the same time.

Take Your Next Event To The Next Level With Elite Valet
Now that you know how much to tip a valet, you can confidently use their services the next time you want to treat yourself. For polite, friendly valet service, try Elite Valet at your next event. Contact us for more information and a quote.

25 09, 2020

6 Sophisticated Dallas Venues for Your Private Party

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6 Sophisticated Dallas Venues for Your Private Party

If you are planning a private event, it’s important to find a venue that fits the mood and impresses guests. If your setting happens to be in Dallas, you’re in luck. Biases aside, the Dallas landscape is a canvas of culture, history, and eloquence. With the right venue guide, you’ll find Dallas has everything from lavish low-key gems to elegant country-style farmhouses with all the trappings of luxury.

You can find incredible places to rent for your event in this city. You’ll just need a bit of local insight. That’s why we’ve listed some of our favorite most elegant and sophisticated event venues in Dallas.

1. Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek
This venue is on the property of a gorgeous mansion dating back to the Jazz Age. It offers architectural beauty and in-house catering. Menu options can be tailored to your specifications, so you can match any themes and make sure the menu is right for the occasion. Events booked at the venue can have access to the elegant Promenade room for receptions, to provide guests with a view of the splendid mansion grounds.

2. The Dallas Museum of Art
For a truly special experience, you can host an event in this art museum. There are five venues to choose from, with three meeting rooms, a plaza, and the sculpture gardens as location options. Depending on the location, you can receive anywhere from 135 to 700 guests, with the garden providing the largest capacity. You can choose the venue catering or bring in caterers of your own, and there is a full bar available on-site.

3. The Granada Theater
This venue is perfect for large events, with its capacity of up to 1000 guests. The building dates back to World War II, and used to hold a movie theater. It has been refashioned into a venue for live music, with legends like Bob Dylan gracing the stage, as well as a private venue for events. The historical building holds plenty of charm, and guests will enjoy the good acoustics of the space.

4. The Magnolia Hotel
This luxury hotel is a beautiful place to stay, but it also rents out eight different spaces as Dallas event venues. Capture some of the glamour of this high-end location for smaller events, as the largest venue holds 250 guests. Elegant furniture, crisp white tablecloths, and carefully matched decor will all help your event be successful, along with hotel staff and catering. The options range from casual meetings and get-togethers to a more formal, structured situation in the famous Pegasus room.

5. Hickory Street Annex
Hickory Street Annex is located in a building that was originally built for the Gulf Oil Company. The building has since been renovated, and now it’s a modern, industrial space that can hold a versatile range of events. The exposed brick, concrete floor style will win any minimalist’s heart, and the amazing floor-to-ceiling views of downtown Dallas are sure to impress any crowd of up to 200 guests.

6. The Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden
These gardens hold five separate event venues for you to choose from. The 66 acres of gardens will give your event a sweet, floral scent that can’t be replicated. Options include a historic mansion, a hall, or even one of the gardens. Depending on your event, you can get a whimsical garden party going, or try something a bit more formal indoors. They welcome everything from corporate events to weddings, and their planning team can help you get everything together.

Host The Perfect Private Party, Call Elite Valet Today!
Elite Valet offers a valet service that will provide sophistication and elegance to match any of these event venues. Once you have made your choice out of all the venues in Dallas, Texas, elevate the experience for your guests by removing a stressful parking situation from the equation. Allow them to get inside the venue with minimal fuss with the help of our skilled, polite valets. Contact us today for more information on the services we offer for events.

25 09, 2020

6 Benefits of Luxury Apartment Living

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6 Benefits of Luxury Apartment Living

Apartments have their own share of benefits compared to owning a property, ranging from convenience and pricing to ease of maintenance and accessibility. Most people wouldn’t think of an apartment when they’re considering upscale living, though—usually, what comes to mind instead are images of thrifty young families or financially challenged college students. However, living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on comforts. Luxury apartment living has much to offer; if you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth it, consider some of the benefits you’ll find.

A Choice Location
Location is key for living spaces, and apartments are no different. The ideal location provides not just an appealing view, but also plenty to do in the area for business and pleasure. Luxury apartments in the Dallas area are constructed with this in mind; you’ll find them placed within or close to notable districts that offer easy access to shopping, dining, workplaces, and entertainment. Everything is right there where you want it. The property grounds around the complex are also well cared for by professional landscapers, in place of lawns and gardens that you’ll have to maintain or hire staff for.

Valet Parking
Public transportation can be useful for commuting in urban areas, but what about your vehicle? Take your mind off parking troubles and let a valet handle it. Much like hotels and fine restaurants, a valet parking apartment can either hire valets to work in-house or contract a third party. Valet parking is managed more effectively compared to public parking, with no worries about finding an open spot or walking a long way back—especially valuable for handicapped residents and those carrying heavy loads. The luxury of having your car waiting for you at the front is always a pleasant touch, too.

Concierge Service
If you’ve stayed in a luxury hotel, you’re familiar with the concierges that work there and assist clients. Many upscale apartment complexes staff concierges that provide similar services for residents. The most common roles are at the front desk and involve providing information, screening and admitting guests, and picking up packages to pass along to their recipients. Apartment concierges may also perform home services or provide personal amenities for the residents, or act as management for the responsible staff.

Comfortable Accommodations
Most would-be residents that find themselves hesitating do so because they imagine an apartment to be sparse and minimalist in what it provides. This is far from the case when living in a luxury Dallas apartment. Expect a five-star kitchen and stylish bathrooms, smartly designed for form and function. These spaces also come with the quality appliances you need to make the most of them, with no expense spared. You won’t find yourself having to stock up on basic appliances or struggling with budget products, and your new home is already more than accommodating for you and guests alike.

Great Amenities
Apart from the locale and the apartments themselves, residents can enjoy the amenities within the complex as well. These facilities have the best to offer— including full fitness centers with memberships open to residents, yoga studios, full lounging and lap pools and spas, and even basketball and tennis courts in some. You can also find business and game lounges inside or green spaces and rooftop decks outside. Some even have a theater or media room! Amenities vary depending on the community.

Living in a Community
A hotel is a place to rest your head, but a quality apartment provides more: the locale, the living accommodations, and most significantly, the community. Living in a high rise or upscale apartment downtown means living with neighbors who enjoy living there just as much. With the various public amenities and social spaces as well, it’s as much a neighborhood as anything.
Luxury apartment living extends past the apartment itself: a refined estate, community amenities, friendly professional services, and more. To learn more about the services you can expect in high-end Dallas apartments, contact Elite Valet.

25 09, 2020

How To Give Your Wedding the Extra ‘Wow’ Factor

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How To Give Your Wedding the Extra ‘Wow’ Factor

Your wedding day is quickly approaching, and you’re doing everything you can to make it the most memorable day of your life. Your needs are a huge priority, but what about your guests? Check out these creative wedding ideas to give your friends and family a time they won’t soon forget.

Nothing wows people more than an amazing fireworks display. Incorporate special music as accompaniment. As the festivities wind down, direct everyone to a designated outdoor area where they’ll best be able to see the show. It can be the perfect way to cap off your evening.

Photo booth
Photo booths are a fantastic way to collect pictures of your guests having a great time. Provide costumes, hats, or other accessories to encourage people to have fun with it. You might also include a whiteboard that guests can write on and hold up during the photo.

Midnight Snack
After the dinner’s gone and the cake’s been tasted, your guests are going to need a pick-me-up to party late into the night. An arrival of greasy cheeseburgers or tacos will satisfy anyone’s midnight craving. You can arrange a delivery or hire a food truck.

Valet Service
Parking can be a chaotic affair when there are many cars arriving at one time, and some venues may even have confusing systems that make it difficult to know where to go. Valet parking for weddings is a fantastic idea to take that stress away from your guests. The convenience of just hopping out and heading into the venue is something your guests will be immensely grateful for.

In an effort to look their best, some guests may not be wearing the most comfortable shoes. You might consider buying a big supply of cheap flip flops, so you have a pair for every guest who may need a change in footwear. This can make dancing way more fun, and your friends and family will have more stamina to party longer.

Creative Favors
Wedding favors are a nice way to thank your guests for sharing your big day with you. Give them something special they can use, such as candles or handmade soaps. You could also give boxes of chocolates or small cakes to take home or even a mini bottle of champagne. Place the favors at each guest’s seat at the reception.

Dessert Bar
As iconic as the wedding cake is, not everyone likes cake. A dessert bar gives guests additional options and even more chances to indulge. For summer weddings, cold treats like ice cream and snow cones can help guests beat the Northern Texas heat. Another idea is a candy table with small boxes so that people can take it home.

Bar trivia is a hugely popular trend these days, and you can easily adapt it for your wedding. Each table can be a team, and you can theme the questions after you and your partner. If you don’t want the questions to be about you specifically, choose topics about places you’ve lived, your favorite movies, or bands you enjoy.

Choreographed Dance
The first dance as a newly married couple is a special tradition, but if you’ve got the skills, why not choreograph something really special? Try an upbeat swing dance or a romantic and intimate waltz. You also could involve your entire bridal party with an explosive group number.

Lavish Centerpieces
As your guests enter the dining room, you can really impress them by going all out with the centerpieces. An arrangement of beautiful flowers, candles, and a touch of bling can capture anyone’s eye. Think outside the box for your table names and create signs that reflect your wedding theme.

Give your wedding guests the most convenient way to park. For wedding valet services, reach out to us at Elite Valet, and we’ll take care of the parking at your wedding ceremony anywhere in North Texas.


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