Parking Garage & Surface Lot Management

Parking Management goes beyond simply having parking. Faily opeerations, upkeep, reporting, monitoring, enforcement, marketing, and customer service are all components of a well ran parking facility.

Downtown Parking Co, a division of EVS, evolved as a natural progression from our extensive background in the parking industry. Our solution driven approach and customizable parking plans have allowed us to provide guidance to many businesses, venues, and city public parking lots.

Downtown Parking Co can personalize a parking management plan for your specific location that revolves areound 3 key components


From automated parking machines and revenue control equipment to manned pay-to-park stations and traffic directors, we will recomment the most efficient ways to implement process and procedure as well as monitoring and enforcement


Accurate data on all aspects of your facility’s operations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis will allow for identifying challenges and opportunities while maximizing revenue and controlling expenses.

Customer Satisfaction

Proactive maintenance plans, clear, informative signage, and emergency vehicle assistance are just a few of the ways we design a personalized parking experience that keeps your guests/tenants happy and your lots clean and safe.

Downtown Parking Co has consulted and operated self-parking lots and garage facilities for several businesses and venues in North Texas. We provide superior service for our customers and optimum results for our clients.